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Welcome to OXO Stock. OXO Labs operates the platform of OXO Stock in order to present its portfolio of startup companies to investors and potential investors who initiated co-operation with OXO Group. The companies listed on OXO Stock are all accelerated by the team and mentors of OXO Labs and partly financed by OXO Angels. We present those startups on OXO Stock which we selected as best quality projects from our accelerated portfolio and considered as advanced enough to receive further funding from our partner investors.

Please note that all data on OXO Stock are purely of an informative nature and not as a basis of formal investment documentation, therefore no legal reference can be made to them at any subsequent processes. Also, by no means the interest to any listed startup projects and the expression of the intention to invest by any investors may be considered as legal act or agreement for an investment.

On the platform of OXO Stock investors express their interest and intention to invest in any project without any binding nature, it can only be considered as initiating contact and negotiation on a potential investment. Legal structure of any investment is to be developed, valuation, terms and conditions is to be agreed and due diligence is to be conducted only in direct negotiation with OXO Group.

We appreciate your interest in our portfolio and welcome to our platform and to our network of investors. Please note, in case you register as an angels investor, you also agree to be referred to as being part of our angel investor network.

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The Stock of promising startups from the CEE region

OXO Stock lists our most current offerings, wide range of investment opportunities for our partner VCs and Angels. Investors focusing on the CEE region now can easily form syndicates.

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